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Each session begins with a warm up, this is a very important part of the training and involves various stretching exercises, cardiovascular work and general body conditioning techniques.

The fitness training is varied and combines shadow boxing, rounds training to music, workouts with spot pads and kick shields as well as semi-contact sparring.

You will never be forced to do any part of the training which you are not comfortable with – everybody’s limitations are different. Although it is encouraged that you should at least try everything, we believe that this type of attitude will increase your self-confidence and can usually lead to improvements within your personal life as well as in your training.

Self Defence

In this increasingly violent world, everybody should know at least some sort of self defence. We cover a diverse range of techniques suitable for all sorts of situations and all sorts of people. As many rely on the technique itself rather than brute force, these can be particularly effective for women and children.

Holds, locks, pressure points, releases, grappling, blocks, evasive moves and counter attacks are all covered.


Competition fighting is optional. Tournaments and shows will help to build upon your skills - and like any competitive sport, it can bring amazing personal benefits and a true team spirit within the club. Many regular tournaments and full contact shows are available locally to you. WUMA held the 2000 World Championships in Sicily, in Denmark for 2002, Germany in 2004, Malta was 2006 and Greece in 2009. 

Local weekend courses are also available with famous guest instructors from different styles of Martial Arts - covering extra techniques such as weapons training and mixed-martial arts etc.

Your training will also help to increase your everyday awareness and teach you how to become less of a target – thus, hopefully never needing to use your new skills.

Obviously you don’t have to compete in any competitions if you don’t want to. You’ll still gain rewards in the form of fitness, flexibility, self defence knowledge, confidence, fun and new friends, without ever stepping into a ring.

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Your Training

The training can be suited to meet your individual needs. Your own personal motivation may be triggered by one of the following factors:    

• Fitness   • Self Defence   • Sport

We offer a combination of these - all tailored to your personal and specific needs. This successful style of training has proved to build confidence and mental awareness as well as toning your body and teaching you new and effective skills at the same time.

All that said, it’s worth remembering that this is a hobby and we’re all here to have fun and make new friends too!