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Terry Saxton

6th Dan Blackbelt

Thursday Instructor


Who are we?

The club is run by Blackbelt brothers Tim & Terry Saxton, who have both trained for over 30 years. Originally established in 1984 by Master Richard Hopkins (Founder of the World United Martial Arts Federation), the club has successfully developed from a Lau Gar Kung Fu club to a modern day Kickboxing club - now running on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.


What is WUMA?

The World United Martial Arts Federation is a rapidly growing organisation with over 800 clubs and around 23,000 members from all over the UK. Plus, it has affiliates in over 50 countries overseas. These clubs include all styles of Martial Arts and all types of people.

Being part of WUMA brings many benefits to our Cirencester club. Our style and grades are internationally recognised, and some even sanctioned by a member of the Shaolin Temple in China. We also have access to the best Martial Arts equipment available, all at sensible prices.

More than just Kickboxing

Hop Kuin Do Kickboxing is a system which Tim & Terry have helped create and develop with their senior instructor and WUMA founder, Master Richard Hopkins W.B.O.B. (known from the 70s, 80s and 90s fighting arena as "Deadly").  Richard has trained for over 45 years in various Martial Arts and now holds more than 10 black belts. This unique system benefits from their extensive knowledge by incorporating the most effective techniques from many diverse Martial Arts such as Kung Fu, Karate, Aikido and Judo, as well as Boxing and street defence.

Tim has been dedicated to training in Kung Fu and Kickboxing for over 30 years in Cirencester, Swindon and at the WUMA World HQ in Cheltenham. 

He took Gold fighting at the 2008 World Championships held in Greece while defending his title won in Malta 2006. He was also the European Self Defence Champion back in 1997, as well as taking Silver and Bronze at the WUMA World Championships of 96 and 98.

Tim is a qualified Referee, and a Control & Restraint Instructor. He is also fully CRB checked and verified.

In January 2009 he was presented with a "Lifetime Achievement" award at the UK Martial Arts Hall of Fame ceremony. Eight years later in 2017 he received a dedication award to recognise his continued commitment, plus his 5th Dan blackbelt.

Terry, the eldest of the two brothers, has also trained for over 30 years in Cirencester and Cheltenham, and has blackbelts in both Kickboxing and Kung Fu. He earned his 6th Dan in 2015.

Terry has gained European and World class status on the tournament circuit, and although he doesn’t compete anymore he does still appear at many WUMA events as Chief Referee. In 2017 Terry was inducted into the coveted WUMA UK Hall of Fame for his "Dedication and commitment to Martial Arts".

While still teaching Control & Restraint to security forces, Terry also spends much of his time working with security teams on primetime TV programmes and events, as well as being a registered Door Supervisor at various local nightclubs.

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Tim Saxton

5th Dan Blackbelt

Tuesday Instructor